The luxury of a leather sole with the resilience of rubber.

At the start of our design development, we wanted to create a shoe that was beautiful, durable and wearable, while also staying true to the classic Greek sandal. Our sole combines vegetable-tanned cuoio leather, stacked at the heel, with a layer of premium grade rubber. If you’ve ever walked (or slid) in full leather soles (especially in Athens), you'll understand why! Rubber provides grip so you don't slide and flexibility so you feel confident striding along. And it increases the lifespand of your sandals, as the rubber can easily be replaced at any cobbler when it wears down. 

Premium materials, without compromise.

We source only the best materials we can find. All our sandals begin with the finest, full-grain vegetable-tanned Italian leathers, sourced exclusively from Pelle Al Vegetale, a Tuscan collective of responsible tanneries.  Our leathers are celebrated for their softness and durability, and their aesthetic appeal only grows as they age and form uniquely to each individual wearer.

Our leathers are exclusively from food by-product, and processed using non-toxic, natural tannins extracted from trees and plants to minimize their impact on the environment. The beauty of our sandals does not come at the cost of the beauty of our planet.

Luxe quality, made affordable.

Our collection is designed with you, our stylish and conscientious customer, in mind. To that end, we are passionate about providing luxurious footwear without the excessive price tag. Because our sandals come directly from the factory in Greece, we are able to present them to you without the traditional retail markups.

Vegetable-tanned premium Italian leather at the tannery, hanging