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Every pair of sandals starts with a sketch. When we create designs that we love, we hand them over to our factory in Greece, and work with them to bring it to life.

Handmade by 3rd-generation craftswo/men, Laiik joins traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Each vegetable-tanned leather hide is laser cut to ensure precision and reduce waste. When the uppers are cut, they are individually molded by hand to the insole and pressed onto our signature outsole.

The uppers are made with Italian Vachetta leather, which is prized for its softness, durability and warm colors. It also ages beautifully, and will look and feel better and better with each wear.

The midsole is made of genuine Cuoio leather, tanned slowly with organic vegetable compounds obtained from chestnut, mimosa, and quebracho wood.


Laiiks are finished with our signature outsole sole, made of flexible thermorubber that doesn’t slip and slide.

We only use vegetable-dyed Vachetta leathers, sourced from a Tuscan consortium of tanneries called Pelle Al Vegetale. The trademark ensures the quality and origin of the leathers. And it guarantees that they are processed using non-toxic, natural tannins, in a production cycle that has a low impact on the environment. With vegetable-tanning, each leather hide is unique and resists the wear of time.