Laiik Makes Greek Food: Watermelon and Feta Skewers

Laiik Makes Greek Food: Watermelon and Feta Skewers

Our Greek "recipe" for August is a burst of flavor and freshness for your mouth. We've taken the summer salad of Karpouzi me Feta (watermelon with Feta) and made them into skewers. Easy to make, easy to eat, but still delicious! You know the drill, grab your Ani leather sandals and head to the farmer's market for some ripe and sweet watermelon!


Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Portions: 5-6

Ingredients: Half kilo of Feta cheese, one half of a large watermelon, a small bunch of mint leaves, 2 limes.

watermelon and greek feta cheese, mint and lime



  • Cut a cap off the end of the watermelon, about 5 cm in, on both sides
  • Stand the watermelon on one of its cut ends, and using a sharp knife, remove the skin from the edges until no rind is left.
  • Slice the watermelon into circular slabs about 3cm thick.
  • Cut the edges of the slabs so that a rectangular piece remains, and proceed to cut into substantial cubes.


  • Cut the feta into rectangular slabs about 2cm thick
  • Proceed to slice each feta slab into cubes

Putting together

  • Skewer a watermelon cube, a mint leaf and a feta cube, two times over and depending on the size of the skewer 


  • Squeeze lime over the watermelon-feta skewer for an extra kick


  • Cool the watermelon prior to preparing and serving
  • If you have the choice (as you do in Greece), choose a less dry feta, still in brine, which won’t crumble on the skewer.


watermelon and feta cheese skewers