Our Story

We’re three Greek-American siblings, raised in a foreign service family always on the move. From DC to Damascus, we made our home among friends and fellow travelers who invited us into their lives and cultures.

Greece was our constant, and we began every trip with the same ritual: buying leather sandals in Plaka. The same shoes invented and worn by ancient Athenians would take us from the city to the beach and kept us dancing through the summer nights. We always carried a few pairs back as gifts for friends, who couldn’t get enough.

In early 2017, we decided that it was time to make our own version. We wanted to revamp the classic Greek sandal with bold, thoughtful designs and evolve it for modern day life. So we started sketching!

On our next visit to Athens, everything came together. We met our solemates in a family-run factory who are very passionate about shoemaking and dedicated to ethical practices. We felt inspired by Athens itself, which was bursting with renewed creativity. So we tightened the straps on our sandals and took the plunge.

With fresh ideas and access to some of the best materials and shoemakers in the world, we knew we could create something special.

Handmade by 3rd generation craftswo/men, we are beyond excited to bring you Laiik -  traditional craftsmanship, designed for the modern world.