Sole Beliefs

Our company is driven by philótimo (Φιλότιμο), an old Greek maxim which roughly means alove of honor. While the definition is not precise, it always requires that you do something because it’s right, not because it’s easy. For us, philótimo is about doing things with passion, transparency, and fairness. 

From the beginning, our desire was to not only make the highest quality sandal we could, but to deliver it to you at a fair price. So, we settled on a largely direct sales model to offer you a luxury product without the retail markup. An added benefit is that we have a direct and open relationship with you.

Our belief in transparency and fairness extends to manufacturing as well. We chose our factory not only because they are amazing at what they do - but also because they care deeply about people and the environment, employing workers ethically and embracing practices that reduce their environmental footprint.