FOUNDATIONS explores the textures and earth hues of the traditional Greek stone quarry. Chosen for its permanence and beauty and used since ancient times, the stone chiseled from these quarries provides the physical basis for the timeless Greek aesthetic. Foundations evokes the raw beauty of this natural world and counters it with clean lines and an accent of rich and metallic colors. It’s an ode to Greek minimalism, a design heritage that seeks not to control nature, but to celebrate it.

Athina running in flat gladiator leather sandals in brown at the stone quarry


Creative Director: Jemima Janney

Photographer: Anas Hanna

Model: Athina Koini

Stylist: Fenia Kamenidi

Hair and Make Up: Aggeliki Trikogia

Athina wearing greek leather sandals in stone quarry. Sandal photoshoot.

FOUNDATIONS is an antidote to fast fashion, heralding the craftswo/manship of working with natural substances, forming classic styles with a modern spark that last for ages.

athina wearing golden gladiator flat sandals walking in a stone quarry, wearing a red dress

Portrait of Athina, wearing a white shirt

Legs wearing handmade natural leather flat sandals made in Greece

Shot of white trousers with mint leather summer sandals, handmade in Greece

Portrait of Athina wearing white with mint leather Greek sandals handmade in Greece

2 shots next to each other. Close up of mint and white slide on sandals with a toe loop. Athina wearing Greek sandals in stone quarry

Athina holding a picture frame wearing gold Greek sandals.

Handmade Greek sandals in metallic gold, white and natural