Silk Scarf | Fresh Rise, Small

Silk Scarf | Fresh Rise, Small

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Created by A Totem Für Elita

The Atlantis Circus edition of the Fresh Rise series. Illustrated both by hand and digitally, Loula's scarves are made with 100% twill silk from Northern Greece. In this composition, Loula imagines Hades overlooking an island under the sea formed by symbols, hybrid creatures, human objects, and relics of major civilizations that together form a new ”Atlantis”. At the same time as invoking peace and consistency, this new lost island also reminds us not to participate in the creation of both physical and emotional garbage. Loula contrasts our modern over-consumption with the importance of recognising our inner feelings and the idea of diving into ourselves to let fresh things rise and grow for a special awaking of mind and body.

Made with 100% Greek twill silk

Dimensions: 70cm by 70cm

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