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Laiik In: Washingtonian Magazine

"This Pop-Up Shop in Dupont Circle Is Simplifying Sustainable Shopping"

Slow Down Market is a collaboration between three DC-based ethical brands - Laiik, Tribute Collective and Candor Collab.

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Laiik Makes Greek Food: Moussaka

Heart-warming and umami-filled, Moussaka is our recipe of choice for the cold, winter months. This soul-enriching, layered dish combines the subtly sweet flavors of eggplant with a rich, tomato-y ground beef or lamb (your choice) center and tops it with a velvety bechamel sauce. Enough talking, grab your Greek shoes, head to the market and let's get cooking!

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Laiik Makes Greek Food: Favas Santorini
If you've ever been to Greece or any Greek restaurant, you're sure to have tried this creamy, smooth and oh-so-satisfying dip made, not with fava beans, but with yellow split peas. Grab your Laiik sneakers, head to the farmer's market for fresh ingredients and come make Greek food with us!
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