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Laiik Makes Greek Food: Briam
Whether you call it briam, briami or tourlou tourlou, this delightfully light vegetarian dish is what we're eating on repeat this summer. Known as the Greek ratatouille, briam features eggplant and zucchini, and pairs so well, as many things do, with...
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Laiik Makes Greek Food: Tyrokafteri
Whether you've heard it called htipiti, kopanisti, or our favorite, tyrokafteri, there's no denying that this spicy, whipped feta cheese dip is a crowd pleaser. At the same time tangy, spicy and creamy, tyrokafteri is the dip you need to make and bring to poolside parties this summer. So grab your leather sandals, head to the market for fresh ingredients, and come make Greek food with us. 
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