The Makers

We fell for Sofia and Dimitri the moment we stepped foot in their factory. Founded in 1983 by Dimitri’s parents, the factory is located in a quiet industrial district of Athens, called Peristeri (or Pigeon in English!). After falling in love while studying design in school, Dimitri and Sofia took over the business, keeping the family tradition alive while modernizing the equipment and building a team of technicians.

Making handmade Greek leather sandals at the factory. Our pattern maker is nailing italian vegetable-tanned leather straps to the sole of the Greek sandal.

The factory’s production line combines traditional handmade techniques with cutting edge technology. Dimitri and Sofia decided to work only with leather, choosing to focus all their energy on mastering this versatile material. While they are able to produce every style under the sun - from boots to ballerinas - they are passionate about the traditional Greek sandal.

We partnered with Dimitri and Sofia’s factory because they have some of the most talented craftswo/men we’ve seen and they care deeply about their product and team of 30 employees. They also make us feel like family. The factory has become our second home in Greece. And every time we walk through the door, we are greeted with hugs, kisses, coffee, and the warmth of people who truly love what they do.

ares, dimitri, sofia and stefano at the greek factory in athens, holding a greek sandal, handmade