Laiik Mixtape Volume 1

Laiik Mixtape Volume 1

We're working from home and doing what we can to curb our misophonia by listening to A LOT of music. First up, our co-founder, Helene, shares what she's listening to these days while working, eating, doodling, drinking, sleeping, cleaning, creating from home. 

8 reasons why:

Stala by Monika... Greek can sometimes be the most beautiful language. 

Anna by Will Butler... for bedroom dance parties. 

Argosvinis Moni by Imam Baildi... for your walk to the grocery store.

Touch of Grey by the Grateful Dead... because I will get by... washing every. single. grocery. item.

Secret in the Dark by Monika... for mid-day pick-me-ups.

Green and Gold by Lianne La Havas... just surprised I didn't discover this half-Greek, half-Jamaican, London-born singer's beautiful voice before.

Eyes Without a Face by Marsheaux...  fun fact: band member, Sophia Sarigiannidou, was the hair and make-up artist for our very first campaign photoshoot. 

Gomenaki by Someone Who Isn't Me... a gender-neutral noun, which means babe or hot-stuff in Greek. 

Listen to the full list on Apple Music: 

OR, you can listen to the full playlist on Spotify.